Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Lots of moving happening in my life. Namely, I moved my blog to: http://hopeandsail.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Trees!

I happened to have yards and yards of this mossy green felt.

What would you do with this? It has served in some projects, (the back of my fabric flowers, for example) but really? This much green felt is almost impossible to get rid of.

Until I found this pattern and knew I would be making a forest of tiny Christmas trees.

My trees don't look as cute as the colorful ones on Allsorts, but I still love how wonky and "Island of Misfit Toys"-esque they are! They are super easy and take less than a movie to finish, which is great for unwinding and being creative for awhile. I can't wait to use up all my felt and make some for friends and family. I may even need a big one. ;)

Also, I have a fun new photo app on my phone. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have a problem. I am addicted to multi-tasking. It's true. At home I find myself watching a movie while crocheting, flipping through a magazine, probably eating, and texting. At the office, I can be editing video, watching a podcast, drawing/making lists, and staying caught up on Facebook.
I think we live in a time where it's easy to do so. If I can do one thing on a desktop computer, have a laptop on the desk, and my smart phone in my hand and it is accepted as normal, then I think it's an indicator that multi-tasking is part of our society. But the other day I realized it has moved on from unconscious "efficiency" to something that I actually crave.

I have a 35 minute drive to work and basically any shopping/entertainment/dining establishments. I noticed while I was driving home that I was drawn to my phone. Like it was actually begging me to pick it up and check my Twitter or RSS feed. And that's when I realized that if I can't even drive home without multi-tasking, then I need to clear some stuff out. Not to mention the safety hazard that comes into play when you are not 100% attentive to the vehicle you're operating at 65 mph.

I have made a conscious choice to be intentional about the things that I do. If I'm going to look at a magazine, then read the magazine. If it's a movie, then only a movie. I should take more time to enjoy the food that I'm eating, even if it's take out. :) If I'm working, my work will end up being a better product if I focus a solid hour to one task than countless hours flipping back and forth between the multiple tabs and programs I have open. And if it's driving, then it better be only driving.

Anyways, that was just stirring around in my head. And even though I have 2 tabs open and 4 programs, I've stuck to this post the whole way through. This is progress, people!

What about you? Do you find yourself doing a ton of things at the same time? Anyone else bad about multi-tasking in the car?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My New Place!

Banjo and I are taking a step into adulthood (I guess it's about time) and we moved out of our parents house into a rental house! The house is actually closer to my niece and her parents (we used to live 2 streets away, now only 1!) and is really nice.

I have roommates coming in December, so for now it's just me and Banjo!

 My very blue bedroom :) I still have some pieces of furniture to move over and get my bed off the floor. :)

My purple office/crafts/media room. I'll have my desk and computer in here as well as my sewing machine and crafty things.
 Bathroom that is all mine! No brothers allowed!
  Looking from the back door towards the front! (I have no furniture, haha!)

I'm excited for this next chapter in my life. I pray that God uses it as a time where I can not only learn about myself but a time where I will be challenged and stretched to think farther beyond myself and truly embrace others.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winds of Change

It is interesting to me how you start to get a rhythm with your life and then something changes. I've found that I finally get a groove with work and then the season changes and my workload (and brain-load) changes. I think that's why I've felt so tired for the last two weeks. We're coming into fall (still not totally here in sunny AZ) and things at the church are changing; normal, "coming-into-fall" changes and also "specific-to-this-time" changes.

I may also be tired because 2 weekends ago, our student ministries group went on our annual Red-I trip to Magic Mountain. Here's the run-down: at 10pm Thursday, students show up at the church. At 1(or so) am, we pile into vans and drive all night to Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. We spend all day riding roller coasters, walking around the park, eating junk food and getting soaked. At 11pm, we meet up and head to In-n-Out for a giant (but fantastic) cheeseburger that will sit in your belly the whole ride home. We load up and drive all night back to AZ and get to the church around 7am. :) *We have designated drivers who spend a little bit of time at the park, but then go to a hotel to sleep so they can drive us safely back.

I think that will throw anyone off for a while. But, it's such a fun trip and an amazing time to connect with students. The experiences and conversations you have on a trip like that would never happen anywhere else. I love my job!

This post has no pictures, but the next one will because....I moved into my own place! Stay tuned for that update! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Breakfast on Monday

My parents went on a trip and brought home 2 bags of walnuts! We are a pretty nutty family - in more ways than one! - and I was excited about this! I was also excited that we had apples...I'm thinking muffins!
My mom eats gluten free and a lot of our food is too, so I made GF muffins using Pamela's baking mix and added cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove to the recipe. Mmm.
Once they were done, I added a generous tab of my favorite salted butter and poured a fresh cup of coffee. I also used my favorite $3 Goodwill dessert/tea plate! I think if I hadn't used salted butter I would have wanted a little salt in the mix, but I'm a saltaholic so maybe it's just me. :)
What a fun, autumn-y breakfast!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Off

Today is my day off! It feels like the first day off in awhile - I've been busy the last two Mondays. I'm looking forward to:

-Finishing my laundry
-Making my bed
-Finishing my alterations on a $3 Savers dress so I can wear it finally
-Keep reading Oliver Twist
-crochet a second dishcloth to match this one
-and some general lazing about :)

I'll leave you with this pic of my main man, Banjo. Why he was sleeping with his nose under the quilt is unclear, but goodness, it was funny!