Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winds of Change

It is interesting to me how you start to get a rhythm with your life and then something changes. I've found that I finally get a groove with work and then the season changes and my workload (and brain-load) changes. I think that's why I've felt so tired for the last two weeks. We're coming into fall (still not totally here in sunny AZ) and things at the church are changing; normal, "coming-into-fall" changes and also "specific-to-this-time" changes.

I may also be tired because 2 weekends ago, our student ministries group went on our annual Red-I trip to Magic Mountain. Here's the run-down: at 10pm Thursday, students show up at the church. At 1(or so) am, we pile into vans and drive all night to Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. We spend all day riding roller coasters, walking around the park, eating junk food and getting soaked. At 11pm, we meet up and head to In-n-Out for a giant (but fantastic) cheeseburger that will sit in your belly the whole ride home. We load up and drive all night back to AZ and get to the church around 7am. :) *We have designated drivers who spend a little bit of time at the park, but then go to a hotel to sleep so they can drive us safely back.

I think that will throw anyone off for a while. But, it's such a fun trip and an amazing time to connect with students. The experiences and conversations you have on a trip like that would never happen anywhere else. I love my job!

This post has no pictures, but the next one will because....I moved into my own place! Stay tuned for that update! :)

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  1. Hooray new place to live! I hope you love it a little bit. :)