Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have some of the hardest feet in the world to fit. They're terribly small, terribly wide, and have terribly high arches. I also have thick ankles and calves. (*although I've started calling them vintage, because there is nothing better than a woman in the 40s with a mid calf length dress on and thick ankles with heels, believe me!)

So what does a girl with hard to fit feet develop a penchant for? You got it. Shoes. Oh the irony. I've had some pretty great finds recently though - especially secondhand.

These booties are so fun, leather, and I got them at Goodwill for probably $6. I love how the leather is worn and soft and how they remind me of the granny boots I had when I was 9. I don't love the vinyl lining on the inside of the opening, it's cracked and hard and did a number to the tights I wore them with. :/ But overall, I like them!

These boots. Let me say this, I've wanted tall boots for my whole life (well, for the last few years of my whole life) and never have been able to find ones that fit for a good price. Who has a few hundred to spend on boots? Not me. So I found these boots at Goodwill last week for $12. They are a few sizes too big, but that actually helps with the width. And they don't look like flippers. :) Leather again, and they are just a little tight on my calves, but I can zip them up and they don't look too tight. And did I say $12?!?!

 OK. I love the vintage shop Vintage Petals and I bought a skirt from there too. Ashley has such great prices and great pieces. These oxfords are probably the best things I've ever seen. (other than newborn babies, of course). The yummy brown leather fades from dark to chestnut-y and look at that heel!! Liz Claiborne, so not super old, but just wonderful. (slightly too small, but I don't care, I really like them!)

And finally, these are new, but I got them at Ross and I had been eyeing them for weeks.  These shoes just scream 4th of July picnic and I'm so glad I finally tried them on. This is the story. It was love at first sight but they had an abnormally high price tag for Ross. So I did not try them on (ignorance is bliss, right?) and walked away slowly. Saw them again and still, same price, same squeeze on my heart. Finally after the third (or maybe even fourth) time, I tried them on. And they fit. And they were the only ones left in my size. And they were leather. And Clarks. So they came home with me and I wear them occasionally around the house. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fabric Flowers

I am in love. Not only are these flowers the best shade of pink, they are made from a worn out Charlotte Russe shirt that never quite fit. I'm so glad I thought of this top because I was bound and determined to make these flowers (I sort of followed this tutorial but mostly read it and then did what I whatever I felt like - which, by the way, is completely unlike me. I'm such a rule follower) and I would have made them out of some horrible scrap fabric I have and then I would never use them.

The first two I made stick out funny in the back, I did too much folding, I think. But the third is nice and flat and a little floppy and just J. Crew enough to make my heart flutter. :)

I added a felt back with a little band (an idea I read in a blog somewhere and can't remember where) so that I could use it in multiple ways:

Here is my floppy J. Crew-esque with a bobby pin. I would have modeled but it's my day off and I didn't even brush my hair. :)

It can also slip onto a head band! Which I totally love!

And my most favorite things ever (cardigans) become even more amazing with a flower! :)

What a wonderful way to spend my day off.