Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have a problem. I am addicted to multi-tasking. It's true. At home I find myself watching a movie while crocheting, flipping through a magazine, probably eating, and texting. At the office, I can be editing video, watching a podcast, drawing/making lists, and staying caught up on Facebook.
I think we live in a time where it's easy to do so. If I can do one thing on a desktop computer, have a laptop on the desk, and my smart phone in my hand and it is accepted as normal, then I think it's an indicator that multi-tasking is part of our society. But the other day I realized it has moved on from unconscious "efficiency" to something that I actually crave.

I have a 35 minute drive to work and basically any shopping/entertainment/dining establishments. I noticed while I was driving home that I was drawn to my phone. Like it was actually begging me to pick it up and check my Twitter or RSS feed. And that's when I realized that if I can't even drive home without multi-tasking, then I need to clear some stuff out. Not to mention the safety hazard that comes into play when you are not 100% attentive to the vehicle you're operating at 65 mph.

I have made a conscious choice to be intentional about the things that I do. If I'm going to look at a magazine, then read the magazine. If it's a movie, then only a movie. I should take more time to enjoy the food that I'm eating, even if it's take out. :) If I'm working, my work will end up being a better product if I focus a solid hour to one task than countless hours flipping back and forth between the multiple tabs and programs I have open. And if it's driving, then it better be only driving.

Anyways, that was just stirring around in my head. And even though I have 2 tabs open and 4 programs, I've stuck to this post the whole way through. This is progress, people!

What about you? Do you find yourself doing a ton of things at the same time? Anyone else bad about multi-tasking in the car?

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  1. Thanks Caryn,

    I have the same bad habit of multi-tasking and the other day as I read a magazine, while listening to a pod cast and munching on lunch, I read about the negative affects of multi-tasking. I have a tough time with this too, so I am proud of you and your goal!