Monday, February 8, 2010

Fabric Flowers

I am in love. Not only are these flowers the best shade of pink, they are made from a worn out Charlotte Russe shirt that never quite fit. I'm so glad I thought of this top because I was bound and determined to make these flowers (I sort of followed this tutorial but mostly read it and then did what I whatever I felt like - which, by the way, is completely unlike me. I'm such a rule follower) and I would have made them out of some horrible scrap fabric I have and then I would never use them.

The first two I made stick out funny in the back, I did too much folding, I think. But the third is nice and flat and a little floppy and just J. Crew enough to make my heart flutter. :)

I added a felt back with a little band (an idea I read in a blog somewhere and can't remember where) so that I could use it in multiple ways:

Here is my floppy J. Crew-esque with a bobby pin. I would have modeled but it's my day off and I didn't even brush my hair. :)

It can also slip onto a head band! Which I totally love!

And my most favorite things ever (cardigans) become even more amazing with a flower! :)

What a wonderful way to spend my day off.

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  1. Great Job Caryn, I love your pink flowers. O yeah your line about (being such a rule follower). We all know that is true- "we need multiple permission slips!"

    just kidding with ya! If I was a girl, I'd ask you to make me a flower.