Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thoughts on Creativity

Today I read an article about creativity. It was an encouragement to realize that with all the images around us, not to mention our own mind (conscious and subconscious), there really is no reason for creative juices to "dry up." There were some practical tools: journaling, drawing, working in a inspiring place, working when you're at your best, being realistic about the time your personal creative process needs, etc. The tips were great and helped me refocus because I feel like I'm in a creative slump; which is really not what a designer (amateur as I am) wants to feel.

But in addition to that, I thought about a conversation I had with my pastor/boss and our creative director/my best friend where we talked about creativity being a God given need. That all creativity is a reflection of Jesus, whether we mean for it to or not, since we are made in his image. God is the ultimate creative genius: can you imagine coming up with everything out of nothing with no one but yourself for input? Of course, that's taking it to a human level, but still, God's creativity is astounding. And I know that he wants me to be creative because 1) I bring him glory when I act like him (and the person he made me to be) and 2) my creativity serves to create an atmosphere where lives are transformed. It is and will be a reminder that he will provide a way and that my inspiration comes from him.

All that to say, I got an awesome briefcase/file case from Goodwill today for $4 that is amazingly vintage and full of nerdy goodness. I wish I had a laptop (choose whichever OS you like best, that way I don't offend anyone!!) with CS4 on it to put in this bag and be creative everywhere I go. :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Even better Tuesday Treasure

Today, instead of thrifting, I was able to bargain hunt with my two favorite girls. My best friend and her 7 month old daughter were in town for a doctor's appointment and so we went to Target. :)

Spending time with them is a far better past time, they are the most fun and I love them terribly. And I got new running shoes, which I needed. Desperately. I realized the ones I've been wearing I've had since my freshman year of college. In 2003. Yikes.

I did manage to hang up my plates over my desk, so I'll show you those.

And a little closer:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

I blame my dad. Or maybe I blame his Italian grandparents. Either way, bargain hunting is in my blood and I love, love, love it.

Almost every Tuesday, I go in to work, then go to a small group Bible study, and then: Goodwill. Yippee skippee! :)

I've been wanting to be a better blogger and I realized that I could document the things I find on Tuesdays. And then when they get placed, hung up, painted, etc I can post those too. So without further ado.

This mirror was 7.99 but I had a 20% coupon so that makes it 6.40. I think I'll hang it next to my desk by my bookcase.

These Currier & Ives plates are missing winter, but I LOVED the colors and the subjects too. And at 1.99 a pop (1.59 with coupon) they were a steal.


This little guy is sooo cute! I want a boy like this in real life. :)

These hydrangeas came in a basket that I wasn't totally excited about, but I like them in this box. It's almost a hat box, but held a teapot I got for my birthday.

Don't you love this as a pencil cup? I've been wanting a sweet one for the office and I think this is just the ticket! 0.75!!

I've been slowly and surely collecting flower prints in goldy frames. I have 2 others: peonies, and geraniums. I am looking forward to putting them on the blank wall next to my bed. Hopefully, soon, I'll have a nice arrangement. 5.99 - %20 = 4.79

I also got this print (which is 16x20 and still in plastic) for 1.99 oh I mean 1.60! :) It may go with my others, if I find a frame for it. (you can't really see it but there is a tiny ladybug on one of the leaves!!)

My favorite part of Goodwill is going through the books and getting books to read for smokin prices! I love pretty books, but for 1.99 or less, I will go with a not as beautiful cover. Especially since I just want to read these ones. :)

Of course, one of those is definitely vintage and I love that my vintage children's book collection is slowly expanding!

And that little owl? Goodwill find a few months back. He may be my favorite find of all time. Such a cheeky little owl.

And there you have it. Today's Tuesday Treasures. :)