Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Wardrobe

**I had this post ready to go, and then realized it was coming right after my "Abundance" post. I love clothes and the thrill of finding a smokin' deal, but who I am doesn't come from my clothes. And I know that who I am comes from who God says I am, and that blows my mind. So just a clarification, cause this post could look pretty ironic without this disclaimer.**

For the last few days, I have been staring into my closet with no hope of inspiration. This time of year is so hard! I'm looking forward to fall clothes and closed toed shoes. Cardigans and jeans and layering! But it's still over 100 degrees out. (correction-high 90s) I'm torn between "this may be the last time this year I can wear these sandals/dress/skirt" and "I can't wait to wear these boots/tights/sweater."

Besides what I already own, I'm hoping to add to my fall wardrobe (and hopefully for crazy thrift store cheap!):

a high waisted grey pleated skirt. (totally inspired by this outfit on ModCloth's blog)
an colorful embellished navy cardi. (same inspiration)
tall patterned socks.
new tights (I am very clumsy and tights don't really last more than a season with me!).
something purple. (weird, purple is my least favorite color)

Also loving:

Anthro prices are way out of my budget, but it's still fun to dream. :)

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