Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birds & Flowers

I found this little guy at Goodwill today in a bag of things for $1.99. He came with a glass encapsulated doily-thing, a candle snuffer, and some tea light holders. A pretty good deal, I think. Although I wasn't totally sold on the terracotta finish he had. The color wasn't too bad, but as you can see he was marked up and a little dingy.

Armed with my trusty $0.10 acrylics, I went to work. I went for a coral, peachy color to tie in with a few pieces I have around the room.

See? Almost the same, just a little cleaner and a little lighter. But I like it much better!

At home, on my cabinet.

Looks like someone is ready for a cup of tea and a good read!!

I also have been making fabric flowers whenever I need an easy, mindless pursuit. I made some from a blue print, a maroon pillowcase ($0.25!), and today I bought a few napkins to try: coral and a shiny deep puce color, which is a lot prettier than the name suggests.

What is better than an apothecary jar full of flowers? Maybe chocolate. Maybe.


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