Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

I blame my dad. Or maybe I blame his Italian grandparents. Either way, bargain hunting is in my blood and I love, love, love it.

Almost every Tuesday, I go in to work, then go to a small group Bible study, and then: Goodwill. Yippee skippee! :)

I've been wanting to be a better blogger and I realized that I could document the things I find on Tuesdays. And then when they get placed, hung up, painted, etc I can post those too. So without further ado.

This mirror was 7.99 but I had a 20% coupon so that makes it 6.40. I think I'll hang it next to my desk by my bookcase.

These Currier & Ives plates are missing winter, but I LOVED the colors and the subjects too. And at 1.99 a pop (1.59 with coupon) they were a steal.


This little guy is sooo cute! I want a boy like this in real life. :)

These hydrangeas came in a basket that I wasn't totally excited about, but I like them in this box. It's almost a hat box, but held a teapot I got for my birthday.

Don't you love this as a pencil cup? I've been wanting a sweet one for the office and I think this is just the ticket! 0.75!!

I've been slowly and surely collecting flower prints in goldy frames. I have 2 others: peonies, and geraniums. I am looking forward to putting them on the blank wall next to my bed. Hopefully, soon, I'll have a nice arrangement. 5.99 - %20 = 4.79

I also got this print (which is 16x20 and still in plastic) for 1.99 oh I mean 1.60! :) It may go with my others, if I find a frame for it. (you can't really see it but there is a tiny ladybug on one of the leaves!!)

My favorite part of Goodwill is going through the books and getting books to read for smokin prices! I love pretty books, but for 1.99 or less, I will go with a not as beautiful cover. Especially since I just want to read these ones. :)

Of course, one of those is definitely vintage and I love that my vintage children's book collection is slowly expanding!

And that little owl? Goodwill find a few months back. He may be my favorite find of all time. Such a cheeky little owl.

And there you have it. Today's Tuesday Treasures. :)

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  1. Wow, Caryn some stuff is at goodwill for a reason. Just kidding, today is Tuesday. What are you gunna find today?