Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer! part 2

This is my first whole year out of school. It's my first summer in 20 that nothing has really changed in my daily schedule. Okay, yes, I am going to lots of camps, but I am still working and have the same responsibilities as the other times of the year. So it's a little weird for me that all of the students are out of school and I'm not. Good reason to start my MA? Maybe!

I do actually miss school and I think some of that has inspired my summer expectations. So without further ado, my list of summer lessons/learning/hopes:

**Adobe Premiere Pro classroom in a book: I use this program every day and I'd like to know the ins and outs of it. A friend loaned me this book and I'm hoping to work through it so I can feel more confident training my team as it grows.

**Adobe InDesign C.I.A.B: I need to learn this program! I don't think it's unbelieving children that kill off fairies, it's unsuspecting designers who open this program without knowing what to do. :)

**Calligraphy: I love handwriting and I love sending handwritten notes. I have a few tutorials bookmarked along with some good tools priced out. It's also something that seems like it could travel. I could do my ABC's while ZJ naps at camp. :)

**Sewing machine: my mom and I both had sewing machines that needed work (hers is pretty old and I think ignorance broke something in mine *oops*) so we got a quote for repair and it was $90 for each plus any repair/parts for mine! So we decided to take the $200+ and just buy a new one. Nothing fancy, but it works and it has a lot more options than our older ones. So I'm hoping to get comfortable with it and begin altering vintage/thrift clothes to fit better! :)

**I also have an ongoing list of books that I've picked up, have yet to read, or want to buy. I'm hoping to make some good progress on those while I'm traveling/taking it easy. :)

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