Monday, December 15, 2008

Crafty Christmas

I've developed a new crafty streak (it's in my blood, I think) and have found that doing crafts really fills up my tank. So, I've been exploring all kinds of crafts and crafty things I can do.

I got a sewing machine this year and am teaching myself how to use it. ;) So, I decided that my Christmas presents to my neighborhood friends would be as close to handmade as possible. So without any are my creations!

These are kitchen towels that I appliqued (using my sewing machine, which was faster, but very difficult to control!). Each couple will recieve a set of two (they are paired accordingly in the photo).

This next item is a desk calendar that I purchased from littlebrownpen on Etsy. It is super cute and I love it! (visit for many handmade wonders!)

I also found directions for this paper snowflake from Wikihow, and it turned out really festive. I'll use them as decorations on the wrapping.

And here are some photos of the final creations. The gift tags also came from littlebrownpen on Etsy. And the ribbon and tissue paper was on sale!! :)

(do you see little Banjo at the door? so cute!)

(do you also see the Snowflake scheme??)

So, there you have it. I'll be delivering these gifts today since we'll be leaving tomorrow for California.

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